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Love & Lustre - Pure Silk Face Mask


These Pure silk face masks by Love & Lustre are incredibly soft against the skin and with adjustable ear straps fit comfortably without pulling on the ears.

These masks are triple layer with a double layer of silk and a single layer of modal inside. 

Silk is a material obtained from the silk moth, a natural fiber used to spin its cocoon. The protein material called silk is not only hydrophobic and resistant to the entry of water but also antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial because of the presence of copper, incorporated by animals into their silk. It is used to make surgical sutures. Moreover, its use as a biomaterial for many healthcare applications is being researched.

Earlier studies showed that silk could be used as an antimicrobial barrier mask, with better filtration when multiple layers are used.

Has your skin suffered breakouts since wearing masks??

Dr Adil Sheraz, consultant dermatologist and British skin foundation spokesperson explains: “Due to the tight-fitting nature of the mask, this can lead to blockage of the follicular openings (the surface of the epidermis) and cause outbreaks of spots and acne, the increased sweating doesn’t help either.”

Because masks are fitted to your face, moisture from breathing while wearing one can become trapped on the skin, increasing humidity which Dr Sheraz says can also cause breakouts. 

“Also, the act of constantly adjusting and touching the mask and thus touching your face will transfer oil, dirt and irritants to the skin.“

To minimise this, he recommends a custom-fitted mask, but if that's not possible, stick to breathable material such as silk, or silk lined masks. He goes on to say: “A silk mask with multiple layers would be ideal for sensitive acne-prone skin.”



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